Join the Table: A Podcast Series Exploring Myths, Causes, and Stories Surrounding Hunger in Maine

linoleum block print by Malia Demers (2018) 

on June 6th, community members and students gathered for the podcast opening in Gates Auditorium to listen to one episode of the series. The lights faded while listeners heard the episode, which was followed by a local panel on food security.  Panelists at the event pictured from left: Katie Freedman, Food Programs Coordinator at Healthy Acadia; Jennifer Jones, Director of the Bar Harbor Food Pantry; and Kendra Rand, board member of the Island Housing Trust 


At COA, while pursuing food studies and education studies I’ve seen serious gaps in who can access healthy foods, and opportunities. Inequities in the U.S, and in the food system harm people and the environment. For my senior project I explored these topics by talking with professionals who work on many aspects of food access, as well as people who have experienced poverty or hunger. Through conferences, conversations, interviews, and research, I constructed Join the Table: A Podcast Series Exploring Myths, Causes, and Stories Surrounding Hunger in Maine. Podcasts can create a unique learning environment for the listener that can encourage curiosity, emotion, and an analytical response to the subject matter all in one episode. In the three part series I created, I explore some of the things that prevent people from getting the food they need, with a focus on policies, perceptions, and structures. Much of this project was about learning how to communicate and articulate my own ideas and the ideas of others through the process of  recording, interviewing, and drafting episodes of my own podcast series. I hope for these podcasts to be both educational and entertaining, and serve as a catalyst for change


Nancy Andrews, Project Advisor & Audio-Visual Faculty at COA| Kourtney Collum, Project Advisor & Food Systems Faculty at COA | Zak Kendall | Zach Soares | Kim Lopez | Emma Kimball | Bonnie Tai | Katie Freedman | Deb Andrews | Jenny Jones | Carolyn Silvius | Jim Hanna | Michael Hillard | Michelle Lamn | Emily Horton | Rose Demers | Steve Demers | Lilly Demers| Kenya Perry | Erika Flynn | The Maine Space Grant Consortium | College of the Atlantic |